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FAROS receives FDA clearance...........


Medical Device Licence 98994, Class II, issued by Health Canada.

The FAROS product series is available in Canada as an accurate and lightweight ECG monitor for cardiology applications. It is distributed by BIOMATION as a Class II Medical Device for use by hospitals, emergency responders, cardiology clinics and tele-health services.

FAROS is used in Holter recorder and cardiac event recorder applications. Because of its small size and light weight it is unobtrusive in continuous normal daily life, and can be used while sleeping.



Remote ECG Monitoring

Because of its high-accuracy recording, high resolution, large memory, small size and Bluetooth telemetry, the FAROS sensor opens new opportunities in the ECG monitoring.

It has specific advantages in Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) because it can work with smart phones through the cellular network and the Internet. It can function as a cardiac event monitor to detect arrhythmia and silent myocardial ischemia.

Because of its large memory, the FAROS sensor is a replacement for a pre-symptom memory-loop recorder.

August 2015

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared eMotion Faros Product Series as a Class 2 medical device for continuous monitoring and datalogging of ECG.

The eMotion Faros device series opens a brand new world for offline and online ECG monitoring for cardiology. The lightweight and accurate device series enables comfortable and non-invasive methods for long-term arrhythmia and artrial fibrillation monitoring. Because of the lightweight design the device can be worn comfortably during everyday life, and even during sleep. Multiple patented mounting options offer the possibility to find the best and most suitable solution for each individual.

eMotion Faros can be used also for long-term ECG recordings to detect rarely occuring abnormalities in situations where continuous online monitoring of a patient is not needed. A medical CE-approved holter analysis software is available for detecting these abnormalities in the analysis process.

In addition, eMotion Faros has recently won the Red Dot 2015 Life Science and Medicine Award, one of the most valued awards for product design - for high design quality.

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