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Cardiac Rehab™

Unprecedented Freedom for cardiac rehabilitation

Utilization of the latest wireless ECG technology allows complete freedom to choose a range of exercises in various training environments for up to 16 patients.  

The modern lightweight design and ease of use of the Faros ECG sensors make Cardiac Rehab the perfect tool to acquire accurate, high-quality ECG data in every situation.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation system offers the highest safety and efficacy for cardiac rehabilitation by showing each patient's heart rate, ECG rhythm and changes in ST segment.

Faros ECGWireless Bluetooth
Faros ECGReal-time group monitoring
Faros ECG1-16 patients simultaneously
Cardiac Rehabilitation System
ecg Faros


ECG dashboards and graphics for rapid analysisCardiac Rehab softwareMark ECG events to the measurement directly

Cardiac Rehab™ software provides easy-to-use functions and unique graphics that enable fast preparations as well as quick and comprehensive cardiology reporting for each patient.

Live feed of each patient's ECG is shown concurrently.  All ECG data can be recorded.  Export recorded ECG data to full arrhythmia analysis software.

Mark events directly from the software or by pressing the marker button on the Faros sensor.

Set thresholds for Heart Rate alerts and ST alerts to ensure safer training for each patient.





Choose which events and alerts you wish to include in individual patient reports.




Compose each individual patient report from:

  • Measurement overview and patient information

  • Heart Rate trend and ST trend

  • Occurred ST alerts

  • Occurred Heart Rate alerts

  • Added ECG samples and patient events 

Cardiac Rehab is a trademark of Bittium Biosignals oy
Faros Cardiac Monitor Clinic Systems

The Cardiac Rehab system includes:  - eMotion Cardiac Rehab Software

   - eMotion Biolink Hub Receiver  

   - Faros 180 sensor for each patient 

   - Recharger station for all sensors

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