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FarosCardiac Monitor Clinic Systems

Faros cardiac monitors are an advanced development in full-featured cardiac recording that is integrated with comprehensive analysis and reporting.  The clinic systems are ideal for recording of at-risk patients, Holter monitoring and event recording.  Data communication includes DICOM and HL7 formats for compatibility with hospital information systems.

Three software systems are available:


ECG Telemetry
vent Recording
Holter Monitoring
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The Rehab System is full-featured cardiac monitoring software for enhanced patient care.  It analyzes up to 16 patients concurrently.  Patients can be located anywhere on the ward.  For clinical use, the Cardiac Rehab system uses the eMotion Biolink Hub Receiver to communicate wirelessly, by Bluetooth® telemetry in real-time with each of the patient-applied Faros ECG sensors.



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ecg biolink

eMotion Biolink Hub Receiver
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 - Live feed of ECG rhythm

 - Set thresholds for alarms

 - Continuous recording

 - Patient database

 - Record occurred ST alerts

 - Record occurred heart rate alerts

 - Patient reports

 - Mark events

 - SW-402 eMotion Cardiac Rehab Software

 - BL-28 eMotion Biolink Hub Receiver

 - FR-464 Faros Recharger, 4 Stations

 - FR-468 Faros Recharger, 8 Stations

 - EF-807 Faros 180 Sensor for each patient


EVENT RECORER - Cardiac Explorer System

The Explorer System is powerful event-recorder software for faster and more flexible assessment in ECG event-based arrhythmia analysis.



Ordering Information cardiac event recorder
Cardiac Explorer System
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 - Symptomatic event monitoring

 - Auto event detection

 - Multiple measurement series analysis

 - Works with Faros 90, Faros 180
    and Faros 360 sensors

 - SW-502  eMotion Cardiac Explorer Software

 - EF-807    Faros 180 Sensor for each patient

 - FR-464    Faros Recharger, 4 Stations

 - FR-468 Faros Recharger, 8 Stations


HOLTER MONITOR- Cardiac NavigatorSystem

The Navigator System is the total solution for Holter ECG analysis.  The user-friendly graphics make the software fast to learn.  It supports the efficient use of built-in software tools for analyzing multiple days of ECG data.



Ordering Information Cardiac Navigator System
Cardiac Navigator System
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 - Precise and detailed atrial analysis

 - QT analysis with QTc distribution

 - ST analysis

 - Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis

 - Arrhythmia analysis

 - Overview and Events Strips

 - Automatic Noise Detection

 - Smart clean-up tool for ECG data

 - Patient event analysis tool

 - Descriptive and graphical reporting

 - Automated narrative in reporting

 - Unique and simple dashboards for faster editing

 - QRS templates

 - Pacemaker analysis

 - eMotion Cardiac Navigator Software

• SW-602-A - Basic eMotion Cardiac Navigator Software

• SW-602-B - Advanced version

• SW-602-C - Database version

 - FR-464 - Faros Recharger, 4 Stations

 - FR-468 - Faros Recharger, 8 Stations

 - EF-808 - Faros 360 Sensor for each patient

Safety and Efficacy

• eMotion Faros sensors and clinic systems are listed by Health Canada as Class II medical devices.  Licence 98994.

• eMotion Faros sensors are CE listed and FDA approved.

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