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cardiac explorer BIOMATION

Event Monitoring Made Easy with Cardiac ExplorerTM

The Cardiac Explorer is an event recorder software for faster and more flexible investigations in event-based ECG arrhythmia analysis.


  ECG automatic detection Automatic detection of AFib, Tachycardia, Bradycardia and Pause events using device built-in algorithms
ECG Patient Events Patient Events
ECG adding events Adding Events - to report in the software

Cardiac Explorer

full disclosure Full disclosure ECG
ECG cardiac explorer tool Tool for deleting false events from statistics and reports
ECG selecting events Selecting which events are reported
ECG patient sleep times Sleep diary tool for adjusting patient's sleep times
ECG analyzing event recordings Analyzing recordings with no limitation to measurement time
ECG day night distribution of events Day/night distribution of events
ECG modifiable and informative reporting of events Modifiable and informative reporting
Cardiac Explorer

In addition to the ECG strips from automatically detected AFib, Tachycardia, Bradycardia, pause and patient created events, the full disclosure ECG is always available for further investigation and analysis.

Easy user interface makes all of the analysis workflow very straightforward and convenient for faster data processing in the cardiology clinic and for reasearch.

Cardiac Explorer

With Cardiac Explorer the user has full control to approve events or to delete them from the results, as well as the possibility to add additional events at any point of time in the recording.

Flexible importing of measurements allows you to import multiple measurement files of a patient. This enables analysis of measurement data collected over several weeks.

       TM Cardiac Rehab is a trademark of Bittium Biosignals oy

Ordering Information

The Cardiac Explorer system from BIOMATION includes:   - eMotion Cardiac Explorer Software

- Faros 180 ECG sensor for each patient 

- Recharger station for all sensors

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