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eMotion Biolink™

The new wireless system for measuring and monitoring biosignals including ECG, EMG, HRV, and EEG. It can record multiple biosignals from 1-28 Bluetooth® devices simultaneously. eMotion Biolink is the ideal Bluetooth hub for measuring all physiological signals in the clinic, lab and field.

Biolink telemetry provides wireless connectivity for Faros ECG monitors in the Cardiac Rehab system.

Unprecedented Freedom

eMotion Biolink is extremely versatile biosignal monitoring set up. With Biolink you are able to measure multiple biosignals from up to 28 devices and 112 signals at the same time. When the complete image of body functions is needed, eMotion Biolink is the system you need. Measure person’s heart (ECG, HRV), brain (EEG), muscles (EMG), and joint and body movement simultaneously. Feel free to choose the most suitable set up from the comprehensive selection of different sensors and equipment.

Limitless Applications

eMotion Biolink provides a flexible way to make wireless measurements for multiple applications without restrictions.  Because of its small size and big internal memory capacity it can be carried around anywhere. This expands the possibilities of using the device for several applications and in any environment. eMotion Biolink is the perfect tool for sports, physiological research, rehabilitation, occupational health and emergency care measurements.


Wireless eMotion Sensor for EMG

Wireless eMotion Sensor - for EMG

Lightweight sensor for wireless EMG measurement. Proven technology for both lab and field conditions.

Faros 180 Sensor

Faros 180° Sensor - for HRV, ECG and Activity

Measure HRV and ECG online and offline. At the same time, measure activity using built-in 3D-accelerometer.
Faros 180° sensor has a large 4 GB internal memory for saving offline measurement data.

Faros 360 Sensor

Faros 360° Sensor - for HRV, ECG and Activity

Measure HRV, 3 channels of ECG , activity and temperature online and offline.  4 GB internal memory.

Goniometer - for Posture detection

Goniometer - for Posture detection

Monitor joint movements and postures along with other data using goniometer sensors.

Footswitch and cameras for Gait analysis

Footswitch and cameras - for Gait analysis

Use footswitch for gait analysis. Add cameras to build a complete gait analysis lab.

response & BrainStatus for EEG

Response & Brain Status - for EEG

EEG measurement has never been this easy. Measure EEG on the go with Brain Status electrode and wireless uResponse receiver.  Connect with Biolink Setup. µResponse is equipped with radio trigger designed especially for neurological measurements.

Need for additional sensor?
In case you need other sensors for your application, please contact BIOMATION. We have 20 years of experience in customizing biosignal systems for even the most demanding applications.


Technical Specifications

eMotion Biolink unit:

  • Up to 28 individual sensors with integrated 3D accelerometers
  • Compliant with all Bittium wireless sensors
  • Sensor connection: Bluetooth wireless
  • Computer interface: USB cable
  • Weight: 180 g
  • Dimensions: 122 mm x 80 mm x 33 mm (height x width x depth)
  • Measurement time: up to 24 hours
  • Memory capacity: up to 16 GB
  • Bright e-paper LCD display with high contrast
  • Wireless RF Trigger & Marker available


™Biolink is a trademark of Bittium Biosignals Oy

®Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Special Interest Group, Inc.

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