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The Faros and eMotion ECG sensors are high-performance products that open new applications in health and wellness.

Occupational Health
eMotion Faros device series offers a versatile tool for monitoring ECG, HRV (Heart Rate Variability), stress, recovery and general well-being. Lightweight, small and easy to use eMotion Faros is ideal for instant measurements but also suitable for long-term follow-up.

Because of the lightweight design the sensor can be worn comfortably during measurement, and even during sleep. Multiple patented mounting options offer the possibility to find the best and most suitable solution for each individual.

eMotion HRV Scanner software offers a comprehensive selection of online and off-line HRV analyzing features and ECG measurement functions for occupational health and rehabilitation. HRV Scanner includes various tests for clinical evaluation of the autonomic nervous system. Fast one-minute deep breathing test (DBT) provides easy to interpret reports about the person's current physical and mental health.

Monitoring physical and emotional regulation helps in identifying the people on the verge of burnout or mental exhaustion and makes it possible to take timely actions to restore the optimal mental and physical balance.

Well rested - Recoveredhrv rested

Exhausted - Burnouthrv exhausted

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