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eMotion Faros device series opens a new world for off-line and on-line ECG monitoring in cardiology. The lightweight and accurate sensor enables comfortable and non-invasive methods for long-term arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation monitoring.


Because of the lightweight design, the sensor can be worn comfortably during everyday life, and even during sleep. Multiple patented mounting options offer the possibility to find the best and the most suitable solution for each individual.




eMotion Faros devices can be combined with a remote ECG monitoring system, Faros ECG Mobile, that will allow the arrhythmia monitoring of multiple patients. All measured data is stored in a server, from where it is possible to access the data for analysis purposes during or after the measurement.

It can be used also for long-term ECG recordings to detect rarely occurring abnormalities in situations where continuous online monitoring of a patient is needed. Analysis software is available for detecting these abnormalities in the analysis process.